Introduction to Sea Kayaking

 Introduction to Sea Kayaking (8-12 Hours)

After enjoying a guided tour or two, you've decided that perhaps you'd like to do your own thing once in a while. You want to be safe and learn some basic skills so you can look after yourself, and those you are paddling with. 

This full-day course is for beginners, with little or no previous experience, who plan to be out only on very calm days, in locations with frequent and easy landing zones, and paddling in company with similarly trained individuals. 

We will spend our on-water time going over such skills as forward and reverse strokes, draws, sweeps, rescues, and braces. Off the water we will discuss various kayaking topics.

Course Date: TBA. You may also contact us to custom fit a course to your vacation schedule.
Location:  Lawrence's  Harbour, Bay of Exploits( near Botwood)
Prerequisites: None
Includes: Kayak and accessories, course materials and group equipment.
Cost: $120.00 per person