Sea Kayaking

Newfoundland Sea Kayak Tours 2018

Sea Kayaking in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador has become very popular during the past decade but you'll be hard pressed to find a better location for both short and expedition style tours than the Bay of Exploits on our province's North East Coast. 

Located within the much larger Notre Dame Bay, the Bay of Exploits offers some very sheltered paddling among it's many islands, or for the more adventuresome paddlers, the beauty of the exposed North East coast of Newfoundland. We have certainly seen our fair share of icebergs during past paddling seasons but back in the summer of 2011 a bizarre event took place. For some reason, the ice bergs never showed up until the fall. Normally we promote the spring and early summer as the best time to see the bergs but they all came in September during that season and stayed nearly all fall. Stepping ahead to 2014, everything returned to normal with the coastline being inundated with bergs from early spring to mid summer.  Every year is unpredictable but one thing is for sure and that is when we have a normal ice berg season you will be rewarded with fabulous photo opportunities  as well as plenty of ice cubes on hot days.

Humpback and Minke  whales are also abundant during the caplin season and we sometimes are  treated to the larger Humpbacks putting on splendid displays of lunge feeding. Bald Eagles, Ospreys and Seabirds are abundant throughout the summer.

Besides the marine  life, the Bay of Exploits offers an amazing cultural experience. Paleoeskimo and Beothuk indians inhabited this land long before the Europeans discovered the rich natural resources, and have left traces of their time here for you to discover. European settlement of the region began about 500 years ago. First to come were the French, as depicted by the many remaining French place names, but they were eventually pushed westward by the British. Island communities such as Exploits had as many as 1000 residents at their peak circa 1900. Check out our 8 day expedition tour for more information.

For inexperienced ocean kayakers it is best that you have a guide accompany you. This bay is truly home turf for us here at Canoe Hill Adventures. A lifetime of working in this environment has given us extensive knowledge of its geography, the  weather patterns and how certain winds affect the areas we paddle, as well as the history and culture that we are sure will fascinate you.  We will certainly work hard to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable time. We have a number of tour choices to choose from depending on your interest, so take some time to browse through the sub menus to the right.