Support Vessel

The Motor Vessel Notre Dame Adonis

Not very many kayak tour operations have their very own mothership/support vessel. Our 30' vessel is presently used to provide support to Canoe Hill Adventures activities in the Bay of Exploits. Whether it is transporting supplies to our many locations, setting up camp before kayakers arrive, or serving as accommodations, this very capable and comfortable vessel is at our beck and call.

The ND Adonis is named after the HMS Adonis, Lieutenant David Buchan's schooner which visited the Bay of Exploits in 1810/11 in search of the Beothuk. The mission was only partially successful, and ended with the death of two of his men. Buchan himself went on to a fairly distinguished naval career, and has a mining town in the center of the island, Buchans, named for him. 

Our sturdy 30' boat was built of fibreglass over wood by Paul, with the keel laid in 1994. Construction was done with care during spare time, and it was 2000 before it was launched. 

Adonis: The Syrian/Greek god of vegetation and rebirth, believed to die and rise again with the change of seasons. He was also a lover of Aphrodite.