Paul E. Langdon, Owner/Manager
Owner, Guide, Instructor 

Paul Langdon began his career as a Conservation Officer 37 years ago, and since that time has worked with two different provinces, and Environment Canada's Canadian Wildlife Service. In his past capacity as a Wildlife Enforcement Officer with Environment Canada, Paul and his co-workers patroled the vast coastlines of Newfoundland and Labrador by boat, in order to monitor the large annual migration of migratory sea birds from the Eastern Canadian Arctic and Greenland, to the overwintering feeding areas around Newfoundland. Throughout his career, he has developed an excellent rapport with the public, and for many years taught map and compass, and other courses related outdoor safety to various youth groups on the east coast of Newfoundland. 

Some years ago, Paul had a strong desire to start an adventure tourism business, which in turn sparked the idea of building his own tour boat. Taking to the woods to cut timbers and planks he soon laid the keel, and in the year 2000 he steamed the 30 foot, fiberglass over wood vessel, from its building site in Lethbridge, Bonavista Bay, to its present permanent home at the Lewisporte Marina. In 2004, he named the boat ND Adonis, after a British naval vessel that first sailed into the Bay of Exploits in 1811. A collection of sea kayaks joined the fleet in 2002 as companions to Adonis, and Canoe Hill Adventures was born. 

Paul is committed to providing a quality and rewarding experience to his clients, with an emphasis on safety. He insists that his staff be of high standard, possessing the skills necessary for the job at hand.  

General Training:

  • Paddle Canada Level 3 Sea Kayaking
  • Canadian Red Cross Wilderness First aid
  • Marine Navigation
  • National Instructor Training
  • Diploma in Forest Resources Technology


Dirk Muir

Dirk grew up in the mountains, oceans, forests and scrub-like “fynbos” vegetation surrounding Cape Town, South Africa. Then a surfer and diver, he only dabbled in paddling in those early days, while also completing an M.Sc. in Indigenous Forest Ecology and Conservation. Faced with being conscripted into the apartheid military post university, he chose to leave the country. After an unsatisfying stint amongst the crowds of England and Ireland, luck would bring him to Notre Dame Bay on the northeast coast of Newfoundland. The rocky landscapes, sparse vegetation and dynamic ocean of this coast resonated with the land and seascapes of Dirk’s childhood. Add in the resourcefulness, ingenuity and dogged spirit of Newfoundlanders, which echoed the skills of people that live close to the land in Africa, and the adventure that is “winter at the edge of the north Atlantic”, and you have the ingredients for the “love-at-first-sight” relationship, which has matured into an enduring passion.

Sixteen years later and Dirk has become a Canadian and a NBC (Newfoundlander by choice) … this despite two years out “west” … working two classic rites of passage into full Canadian citizenship … summers treeplanting (at 40’plus) and winters prospecting for oil and natural gas deposits on a seismic survey crew (at 50’minus!). Along the way, as a diver, he harvested sea-urchins for “uni” (a winter fishery in Newfoundland), labored as a carpenter’s assistant, has saved and is working on renovating three old outport homes, built three kayaks, taught kayaking, and at various times managed a fine-dining restaurant, the development of a series of walking trails (on Fogo Island) and the construction of a luxury home.

He has now settled into a rhythm of working seasonally in the tourism industry … winters as a snowboarding instructor and a pro ski-patroller, and summers as a guide and multipurpose “hand” (boat operator, lighthouse renovator and enthusiastic lugger of things heavy and precious) with Canoe Hill Adventures. Dirk has been certified as a Paddle Canada Level Three Sea Kayaker and as a BCU 4Star Paddler and is pursuing a personal interest in building skin-on-frame kayaks and Greenland paddles … and then applying these objects to use in this place of great beauty. He looks forward to sharing those passions with you.