Canoe Hill, Laurenceton,NL

Canoe Hill Adventures was founded in 2002 by Paul Langdon and is based in the small community of Laurenceton in the Bay of Exploits. The company derives its name from a hill in Laurenceton that resembles the shape of an overturned canoe. Not just another hill, it's the location of one of many historical events which eventually led to the taking of Demasduit( Mary March) from her Beothuk village on Red Indian Lake in 1819. Lower Sandy Point is located at the base of Canoe Hill and in September of 1818, a prominent entrepreneur by the name of John Peyton had been loading a schooner with Salmon destined for St. John's. Unknown to Peyton, he was being watched from the top of Canoe Hill by a group of Beothuks, including Shanawditit( the last known Beothuk). During the early hours of September 18, 1818, the Beothuk cut Peyton's schooner adrift and rifled all contents of a portable nature. In March of 1819, and with Governor Hamilton's permission, John Peyton and a group of men traveled up the Exploits river in an attempt to locate his stolen property and to bring back a captured Beothuk. Unfortunately the voyage resulted in a tragic event that some say sealed the fate of the Beothuk. 

Canoe Hill Adventures was founded on a commitment to provide a high quality outdoor experience in the Central Newfoundland region. Initially focusing on sea kayaking adventures and rentals, the company introduced Paddle Canada sanctioned training courses in 2005. On-going encouragement of staff improvement, and ever fine tuning the current offerings, means CHA will not only maintain their high standards, but continue to improve on them.